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Student Excellence

Hector Maldonado

"After the Storm Comes a Calm"

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 2019

Grand Champion Winner


Madison Montanez

"Madison Montanez was a kind girl with a big smile who loved singing, science experiments, and painting. She enjoyed working with oil pastels and making the sheep’s awards because they reminded her of the awards she wants to win when she grows up. Madison had great attention to detail and always worked to her personal best."

-Katy Grose, Art Teacher

Kruse Elementary

Joshua Washington

"It has been my pleasure to have Joshua Washington in my classes during his 5th and 6th grade years at Marshall Kendrick Middle School.  He is an artist that is passionate and loves to learn new techniques and work with a variety of media.  Joshua is very well behaved, cooperative, respectful and helpful.  He is well thought of by his teachers and is well liked by his classmates."

-Linda McCartney, Art Teacher

Kendrick Middle School



Zoe Carter, Moore Elementary

Zoe Carter is an attentive student that has an instinct for choosing the “just right” lines, colors and shapes. For this particular piece of art she used warm and cool watercolors to create a nice contrast. She then carefully added more details like dots and zigzags with oil pastels. When she told me she was going to add black pastel to the clouds I worried it would take over the entire painting. She took the black pastel and drew little sad faces in the white space and then gently blended them into the rest of the cloud—mind blown— she gets it!

-Guadalupe Hudson, Art Teacher

Moore Elementary

Isaac Uriostegui, Southmore Intermediate

Isaac Uriostegui was an incredible art student who had an eye for details. He was very meticulous and purposefully in his creations. Isaac never gave up when a project was hard. He always gave 100% to every artwork he created in my classroom. 

-Carol Locke, Art Teacher

Southmore Intermediate

Pasadena ISD Fine Arts Mission Statement: 

*To empower students to develop and achieve their creative and expressive potential through aligned, articulated, and assessed experience in the arts.

*To instill lifelong involvement in and appreciation of the arts through the inspiration of instruction and diversity in learning experiences; and foster a high level of achievement in the artistic disciplines.


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